Out with the Old, In with the New

 Podcasts are an effective, portable, convenient and intimate way to deliver and produce content, and to build connections with your audience; however, the process of producing a podcast can feel like a daunting task. Initially, this assignment intrigued me, but the fascination developed into stress and anxiety. The initial stages of research required a lot of time and patience in order to choose a topic, develop an angle, and compose concise research questions, but it is necessary to give serious thought to a podcast topic that you can talk about naturally and endlessly. I did not experience any difficulty choosing my topic of internet dating, but narrowing my topic to choose a point of focus was tough. The abundance of information is overwhelming; it's difficult to weed out information when all of it seems worth talking about.

I have always had a passion for creative writing so I thoroughly enjoyed the integration of storytelling in our podcasts as well as the addition of background sounds and musical tracks to make our podcasts come alive. Despite the frustration and attempts to adjust to the university workload as a first year student, I'm pleased to have been introduced to this new form of informational entertainment. I had never been a public radio listener; the format of a radio talk show was always challenging because of my scatterbrained nature. Adding in brilliant and unsettling sound design, audio storytelling has taken on a new life- one much more interesting than its mainstream counterpart. I can honestly say that I have become an avid podcast listener.

Written By: Nicole Di Tomasso