The Revolution of Young, Tech-Savvy, Online Writers

Ever since the creation of the Internet, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be someone, at least one person out there in the matrix of cyberspace who has a penchant for the same types of literary works that you do – regardless of how bizarre those may be. Have a thirst for Western Vampire novels set in space? There’s an author for that, or perhaps the more traditional, post-apocalyptic Alien VS Zombie genre? There’s a writer for that.

Because of the increase in young writers who turn to websites such as Wattpad – a free online platform for sharing and reading works of fiction – the publishing industry has been greatly affected. With sales decreasing in favour of more specifically targeted fiction created online, we aimed to find out why this is happening and how.

Many embrace this new era of online reading, not only does it mean that there are more genres tailored to suit different needs, but it’s also easier to have a virtually limitless array of fiction at your finger tips. For the writer, it’s great to get feedback on your work almost within the same day as you post your first chapter, instead of having to wait months on end only to be told that your work is not good enough, without receiving any tips on improvement. This surge shows that more and more young people are interesting in writing and it is not seen as an old or boring pastime, but dynamic and ever- changing.

This new face of writing does have its negatives though. It means that writers will not necessarily be paid for their work and are doing it solely for their and others pleasure, which itself could be a good or bad thing. The prestigious nature of being a published author may become less and less important and the competition to become published may increase. There will be less importance put on enjoying and savouring an old book and more on quickly reading whenever time allows in this busy world.

Personally, I feel as though this is a positive change, as it shows that there is hope for antique fields to be revitalized and be appealing to the up-and-coming generation. It shows that there is an increased hunger for quality works of fiction. It shows that the youth of today are surpassing the stereotype of being lazy and facetious, as they are engaging in an activity that exhibits high levels of creativity and knowledge.

Written by

Farheen Abbas