Notice and Notice Regime Regulations

Written by Madelaine Pries

The regulations that are stated in regards to the content of notices sent from copyright holders as part of the Copyright Modernization Act’s notice-and-notice system are to “state the claimant's name and address; identify the copyright material that is alleged to have been infringed and the claimant's interest or right with respect to that material; specify the location data (e.g. the web address or Internet address associated with the alleged infringement); specify the infringement that is alleged; and specify the date and time of the alleged infringement” (“Notice and Notice Regime” 2015).

The notices are not proof that copyright infringement has occurred, and are not supposed to cite any “obligations” to respond or settle for the alleged infringement (“Notice and Notice Regime” 2015). They are only meant to provide information about the infringement and where it came from.

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