The Difficulties in Creating a Podcast

Written By: Monique Costabile

The production of a podcast seems like a simple way to discuss a topic you are passionate about that will be intriguing to listeners but simplicity is not necessarily connected with the creation process of a podcast. In an article taken from the Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practice titled “Interviewing The Experts: Student Produced Podcast,” a description on the advantages podcasts provide is given. The article mentions, “By producing podcasts, students have the opportunity to research and analyze information, communicate effectively, and incorporate the opinions of experts in a cutting-edge way” (Armstrong, Tucker and Massad 79). Using a topic that you find intriguing enough to discuss for 15-20 minutes, sounds simple and quite exciting but do not be fooled. Although it is exciting, producing a compelling podcast takes a great deal of research and this is far from an understatement. Accumulating enough information to support your chosen topic is more difficult than it may seem. During this research process, you may become familiar with the frustration of drifting away from your initial topic. Narrowing down which sources you will use is most likely the most challenging component of creating a podcast show. Within your research you will come across various texts that might seem like they relate to your topic but they can actually be used as a single topic on its own. This was where I faced problems while creating my podcast. When I initially knew about this assignment, the thought process of what my topic will be was not hard. I knew exactly which topic I wanted to base my show around, which is Celebrity Advertising on Social Media. This is a topic that I find thought provoking but this confidence set me up for a surprise once I realized how difficult staying on topic actually is. It is so easy to go off topic that you usually do not even realize it. This creates an issue where your show, once actually produced, will be confusing to listeners. Once resolving these issues, your podcast show will become fascinating for both yourself and your audience and the creation process will be an enjoyable experience.

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