PodBand and GarageCasts

When I first started exploring my Macbook Pro, I noticed that GarageBand was preinstalled into it. I opened it to see what it was like, only to close the window a few minutes later. It seemed way too complicated. I didn’t bother opening GarageBand again until Dr. Bell told the class that we will be recording podcasts as the major assignment of the course.

The process of producing a podcast, especially if you are a novice podcaster, is not easy. It’s a process that requires a lot of patience and dedication. Research, writing, revising, and then putting it all together; these are all parts of producing a successful podcast. Although there are many contributions and aspects of creating a well written, and well sounding podcast, to me, the most important part would be the recording.

Personally, I had so much fun recording voice clips, adding music and sound effects and overall experimenting with GarageBand. It was definitely tricky figuring out how to apply and modify effects, increase and decrease volume, but with the help of a few tutorial videos from YouTube, I was able to figure it out smoothly.

In no way would I consider myself a tech-savvy person, but I must say, after becoming familiar with GarageBand, I would say so differently. All I did was play around with it, explore the options and special effects, and in not time, it all made sense.

To anyone who is going to use GarageBand to produce their podcast, you may find this tutorial video to be helpful. It’s a short video called “*GarageBand Tutorial 4 - Recording and Editing a Vocal Part*”, posted by Lyndal Murphy, a YouTube user.

Click on the YouTube link below!


Written by: Amina Ramona Khan

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