Algorithmic Patterning: eHarmony's 29 Dimension of Compatibility

Online dating uses a variety of algorithmic patterning to adequately match potential partners. This is essentially used to determine the level of compatibility users have with one another in order to gain a successful relationship. eHarmony, for instance uses high level of scientific coding based on what they call the “29 Dimensions of Compatibility”. This is used to identify characteristics that will best provide an idea of the user’s character. The 29 Dimension is categorised under two subdivision; Core Traits and Vital Attributes.

Core Traits involves four different categories including Emotional
Temperament, Social Style, Cognitive Mode, and Physicality.

Emotional Temperament: Emotional Temperament are qualities that identify how one may feel about themselves as well as the world. This will provide information about their understanding and depiction of who they are and how they are perceived by others. This includes the concepts of self- esteem, emotional status, energy, and passion.

Social Style: Social style involves characteristics that will display how one interact with others. This will determine whether the individual prefers the presence of others or the company of themselves.This also specifies whether they are a person takes on the leadership role or conform with the group’ decision. This will help to evaluate one’s character, kindness, sociability, autonomy, and adaptability.

Cognitive Mode: This will provide information about how the user views the world and the event around them. Are you constantly looking for intellectual challenges? Do you find humour to be your favourite coping strategy when dealing with the world? This includes aspect of one’s intellect, curiosity, humour, and artistic passion.

Physicality: Physicality involves attributes that are related physically with the world. This will answer questions of how one relate physically with themselves? Are you energetic, athletic and constantly motion? Or are you more comfortable and happy walking than running? This dimension will expose one’s appearance, energy, and sex life.

Vital Attributes include relationship skills along with values and belief.

Relationship Skills is the amount of effort and skills that one will dedicate to making relationships work. This dimension will determine one’s communication style emotion management, and conflict resolution.

Values and Beliefs: Values and belief will provide information about one's spirituality, religion, family, and political views.This dimension will highlight aspects of spirituality, family goals, traditions, and ambitions.

Through each dimension, individuals will provide specific information that will be used to determine possible suitable matches. Each user will provide information that will truly captivate the type of person he/ she is. Through this method of algorithm, dating sites will provide deeply accurate data about the user’s character, personality, and behaviour that will help increase the chance of a successful relationship.

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