Recorded Voices

Michelle Britto

The discomfort I felt after being assigned to do a practice recording of our introduction using Audacity made me realize made me seriously question my ability to record my very own podcast episode. I felt the need to mentally prepare myself before I recorded that incredibly short Audacity clip and edit it as smoothly as I possibly could before simultaneously cringing and emailing a copy to my TA. I had listened to it over and over during the editing process, mostly because I couldn’t get past the horror of listening to my own voice in that recording. “

“Hi, my name is Michelle Britto and you’re listening to the Audio Minute!”, the recording began.

Could I just fade in the introduction music right over that little introduction?

I struggled to decide on a topic for the mandatory blog post, but as soon as I noted that one of our options for the second blog post read, “a reflection on the process of producing a podcast”, I knew that my issue at hand was what I’d focus on for this blog post. My voice sounded so foreign!

I had discussed this with a few other students in my class and I found that this is quite a common issue. For those of you who continue to cringe as you record in isolation and edit your podcast in attempt to make yourself ‘sound better’-whatever that means-(adjusting pitch, bass, and whatever else that helps), you are not alone! :)