Employee Wellness Initiatives

(Image from Pixabay, "Salad, Cucumbers, Vitamins, Healthy")

Written by: Emily Goodwin

I came across an interesting article while I was doing research for this podcast by James A. Martin, published on www.cio.com. In it, he discusses a rising trend in businesses, which is to promote healthy living in employees. This is being done by giving employees FitBits and digitally tracking their activity. Martin finds that these initiatives are having a surprisingly positive impact on employees (par. 7).

The main example he uses is Bates College, a liberal arts college in Maine. School administrators gave staff FitBits hooked up to the social platform ShapeUp, and the program is being received well (par. 11). Through the fitness trackers and social platform, the college is able to hold competitions for its staff to further encourage them to participate in the wellness program.

At the time the article was published - March of 2014 - Bates was in the midst of an eight-week team challenge where “winning team members receive gold-star stickers that get them 50 percent off the price of salads”, and participants get stickers to get 10 cents off an ounce of salad (par. 11).

I don’t know about you, but discounted food would make me get up and move more.

Appirio, VISTA Staffing Solutions, Killer Infographics, and Gundersen Health System have all experimented with wellness programs. All have improved the overall health of the workplace, including increased productivity (par. 25), better moods (par. 17), and healthier employees (par. 20).

To me, these programs seem effective in many ways. Healthier employees who can interact with their co-workers in a way other than through work make for people who enjoy going to work and will be eager to do their jobs.

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