Living and Learning

As I’ve come to grow closer into learning more about my topic “League of Legends in A Modern Society” I’ve also come to understand a lot more of how e-sports, gamification and the professional and psychological effects that are presented within those who do use online gaming systems. I’ve learnt a lot about how people interact with various devices and with other individuals as well. Although I myself have engaged in playing the famous game, League of Legends, I have also come to learn a lot about how it forms part of someone’s life and the many ideologies about gaming and gamification through a psychological perspective.

Although I am now knowledgeable about many different perspectives, facts and lively improvements in today’s modern society when it comes to using gaming, I found that it was challenging to gather all of these different areas and shorten to a general topic. I had trouble picking switch subtopics I wanted and which ones I needed to take out.

The reason I struggled in doing this is because my topic leads to many subtopics that are very alike and make my topic a lot stronger. Even though it took multiple drafts and countless hours of research I am really happy with how my research finally came together. I remember at the beginning of the semester when I found out I would have to record myself talking I was kind of upset because honestly I hate how my voice sounds like in a recording. I later realized how interested I was on being heard by others just because I knew I had learned a lot and actually wanted people to know about what I had found!