Research is challenging !

Finally, got the episode pitch and proposal out of the way. I had a very tough time selecting a topic that was interesting and research able. The first three topics I thought were fun and quite suitable, had to be abandoned because the topic was not narrow enough to research. I had to visit the Writing centre twice and consult my TL just to get an idea for the right topic.

I have been using Google Scholar, York Library databases and other popular sources to do my research. I am happy to say that I was able to find the topic idea from Google Scholar. The one thing I found frustrating with Google Scholar was when I found an article and wanted to read through the full text, Google scholar would block me from viewing the full text and tell me to buy the article. I spent a few frustrating days not knowing what to do until Prof Bell pointed out that I should use the citations in Google Scholar to look for the full text of that article in the York Library databases. So I had to go back and forth from Google Scholar to the York Library databases to find the research material I wanted. Another point I like to make is that I find the Library databases difficult to navigate and quite frustrating. Even with many key words it is quite difficult to find information or not at all. I will keep on using the York library databases just to get more experience on the scholarly research component of the topic. Practice makes perfect, I suppose.

Happy article hunting all!

Manohari Perera