What Is Wattpad?

Wattpad is an anonymous social app and website used for storytelling, story critiquing, and voting.

“Founded in 2006, Wattpad is a free app that lets people discover and share stories about the things they love. More than 40 million people around the world turn to Wattpad to find entertainment that matches their interests and fits their schedules. Wattpad stories are serialized and the entire community participates in the storytelling process through comments, messages, and multimedia. The app offers stories in over 50 languages and works on mobile and web. The company is proudly based in Toronto, Canada.” (Wattpad Press)

Wattpad was founded by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen from their passion of reading. Ivan thought of Wattpad for a personal longing, and states for the University of Waterloo’s newspaper that he “read[s] a lot, and there were few options for taking reading with you. Like most engineers, [he] just built [his] own thing” (University of Waterloo). Ivan then”approached his friend and previous co-worker Allen Lau with the idea for Wattpad. Coincidentally, Allen had been working on something similar” (University of Waterloo). At that point they were early for the times, but once technology grew further and opened more access, Wattpad was already there.

Having the app on a mobile device allows you to read any downloaded story offline. With this main attraction for those going on vacation or even commuting somewhere, 85-90% of consumers use the mobile app (Wattpad Company).

Wattpad has 22 categories for writing, reading, and browsing. Stories are also tagged with key words or phrases, for finding things you like much more conveniently. There are over 100 million stories to read, with more being published every day. “Wattpad is a place to discover and share stories: a social platform that connects people through words” (Wattpad Company).

The best part of Wattpad, is that all of this, all the reading, writing, critiquing, and support, is free.

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