How ICTs have revolutionized the Travel Industry

After many many revisions and rewrites I have finally completed the Illuminated Transcript.

I had to do a few adjustments to my recording with changing and editing primary data sources. Then the logos and other pictures had to be discarded due to copyright restrictions. The final draft was a series of reworks again and again.

I had to leave out a few popular travel websites and apps in my podcast recording like Expedia and Hotwire. Both offer applications for smartphones. I also did not have space or time for other sources like travel blogs that are so very helpful when researching travel destinations and hotels and other travel requirements. Here are some links for your information:

 Here are some of the pictures I selected for my topic from the Creative Commons sources:

A Boeing 737 to fly all over the world

I Love Vegas ! Here's the hotel where I want to relax:

Smart Phones to take care of your communication and other needs:

Travel apps to make all your travel dreams come true:

My idea of paradise; Sunset at Port Elgin, Ontario in all it's glory: