Survey Results and Conclusions Written by David Layton

In the process of conducting research we handed out the following survey to participants asking them to anonymously fill out the answers.

Shazam Questionnaire *Please circle the answer that best reflects your opinion *

Have you Heard of Shazam?

Yes   No

Do you currently have the app Shazam downloaded on your phone?

Yes   No

How often do you use it if you have it downloaded?

1-2 times a week   3-4 times a week 5-6 times a week   More than 6 times a week

How much do you know about Shazam?

Nothing   A Bit   An Average Amount A Lot Everything

Do you think Shazam is a good app?

Strongly   Disagree   Disagree Neither Agree or Disagree Agree   Strongly Agree

Thank you for your participation if you have an interest in seeing what your information has produced please look at the website mentioned in the consent form. :)

  After collecting 37 surveys from students ranging from 18 years of age, to 21 years of age, we were able to tally the results. We found that 100% of participants had heard of the Shazam app, and 63 percent of them had it downloaded on their phone at the time of the Survey. Furthermore, of those that had the app, 70% used the app 3-4 times a week with 6% using it more than 6 times. When asked about how much participants knew about Shazam, 96% said nothing and 4% said a bit. When asked if they thought Shazam was a good app, 87 % of participants agreed and the remaining 13% strongly agreed. As a result of this research we were able to clearly see how popular Shazam has become and what public opinion of the app is.