Healthcare & ICTs

This week’s episode will examine how ICT in the healthcare system can join two worlds (developed and the developing) to connect civilians and doctors in South Africa to North American experts who have the skills and knowledge to treat HIV. Because my focus is on the rural areas of South Africa, it would be nice to get a sense of what kind of life underprivileged South Africans live day by day. Here is a Youtube video that shows a typical civilian life of a person living in poverty ( Even though this 9-min documentary showcases village life in rural Tanzania, the villagers seen here live in similar circumstances as South African villagers. Many are far away from the nearest hospitals equipped to handle serious illnesses, such HIV and malaria; have no electricity or telephone line, and no safe drinking water.

One of the studies that looked into implementing telemedical equipment in some of South Africa’s major hospitals took place in the nation’s poorest province: Eastern Cape Province. To give people a sense of where it is in South Africa here is a map of its location: (

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