Shazam: Music to Media, a Growing Expansion of Shazam's Influence written by David Layton

  In a report by Michael A. Casey and other experts for the IEEE, they note that "The steep rise in music downloading over CD sales has created a major shift in the music industry away from physical media format, and towards online products and services. Music is one of the most popular types of online information and there are now hundreds of music streaming and download services operating on the World-Wide Web" (668). Shazam has become one of the most influential of these services, despite not directly selling the music they are choosing instead to act as a third party, influencing artist popularity and song sales. The music industry has partnered with Shazam both officially and unofficially. Artists use the Shazam app as a medium to communicate with their fans, showing them what songs the artist have been shazaming. Moreover, record companies use Shazam's data in their marketing and research.

  However, Shazam has recently begun to branch out from the music industry into other forms of media such as video. This was first done by allowing YouTube video to play through the app which has resulted in a front page of video articles on Shazam's official website, promoting music videos and top 10 lists. Furthermore, "[w]hile Shazam is most associated with being able to identify music, the U.K.-based company has built in-roads into recognizing ads and programming on TV as well." As a result of this, TV stations have partnered with the "influential brand" recognizing a new outlet for video media based on the success Shazam has had in the music industry. This year Bravo will be the first TV network to debut a full episode on Shazam Entertainment’s app, with a free preview of its “Apres Ski” reality series two weeks before air" (Spangler).

   If this trend continues and more television and video companies partner with Shazam, it is more than possible that they will see a huge growth in this new market and be equally as influential in this new industry. If this happens it will make Shazam one of the few apps used for cross media purposes and certainly the most recognized and influential. Given the effect Shazam has had on the music industry, this could either be a revolutionary move towards a connected media environment; or a further descent into allowing a growing monopoly to gain more control.


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