Too Many Ideas!

People say that you can never have too many ideas; well those people clearly haven’t been in our position. This year I have been tasked with creating a podcast on a topic that not only relates to ICTs but a topic where my audience will be infotained. Believe or not I was excited, finally an assignment where I can get my creative juices flowing. But with power comes great responsibility. I was excited until I found out all the background information.

First there was the picking of your topic. Let me stop you there. Believe or not this was the hardest part of this project. Why, you ask? Because I had *TOO MANY IDEAS! *I change my topic at least five times, can you imagine doing all that research just to realize that you don’t have an interest in that topic anymore. Every time I think I’m close to the finish line, I realize it was only a mirage.

So my advice to you students of the future who find themselves in the same predicament as I was once in is this:


DONT WORRY, sometimes patience is the key to success -

To avoid this problem, make a list of all the ideas you want to do then slowly eliminate topics that do not interest anymore. -

And if the following doesn’t work, just PRAY.