Improving the Basics

Sub-SaharanAfrica is the poorest region in Africa, and one of the poorest areas in theentire world. The podcast episode focuses a majority of its time on the regionof Sub-Saharan Africa, and how ICTs continually redefine, and grow the area. Transformingthis area, and the focus on the transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa isessential to improving Africa as a whole. The average life expectancy is 59years. ICTs have the ability to improve this, as explained within the podcast,meaning Sub-Saharan Africans will have more time to work as they age, and theability to continue innovating, and helping GDP rise. Seventypercent of all people living with HIV in Africa, are residents of Sub-SaharanAfrican countries. Again, ICTs have the power to lower these numbers. Theyraise awareness for the disease, and provide counter measure to the disease.This will raise the average life expectancy, and henceforth begin, asexplained, to raise the GDP of both Sub-Saharan Africa, and Africa as a whole.ICTs are essential to the growth of Africa, even before the culturaldevelopments they can provide. Beginning to improve life in the most basic waysis the first step to helping Africa, and through ICTs, life expectancy can beraised, and HIV can be reduced.

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