The Negativity Behind Celebrity Dishonesty

Written By: Monique Costabile

        In the modern world, advertising has come a long way with the

creation of social media and celebrities have taken advantage of this simple platform for endorsing purposes. In a novel titled *“Advertising, The Uneasy Persuasion” *written by Michael Schudson, he argues that, “Advertising associates a given brand or product with a prestigious person or a romanticized lifestyle, and suggests that the use of the product will transform the consumer into a more beautiful, more desirable, more energetic human being” (Schudson xiv). With these mind-blowing claims, buyers will be convinced into buying this product (Schudson xiv). This can promote a false lifestyle encouraging consumers to partake in a lifestyle, which is far from being healthy. In an article taken from Huffington Post Canada titled, “Essena O'Neill Admits To Skipping Meals And Excessively Working Out To Stay Thin” written by Monika Markovinovic, she discusses the recent Instagram star Essena O’Neil who quit social media. The article mentions, “In the Australian teen's video, "You're My Inspiration," on her website Let's Be Game Changers, she reveals the great lengths she took to keep skinny for "fitspiration" photos and in return, hits hard against society's standards of beauty” (Markovinovic 2015). The article states, how the Instagram star starved herself for the purpose of meeting what her followers consider “inspirational” (Markovinovic 2015). The article continues to indicate “The former YouTube star then said she began developing an idea of her body and health that was based off of what models looked like and punished herself if she didn't look like them. Now, she realizes how "inherently wrong" that was” (Markovinovic 2015). This is a very alarming issue that is a common occurrence in society today. Once celebrities or internet stars are incorporated into this mix of advertising and “showing off” their “healthy” lifestyles on social media, this creates an unhealthy image that many young people look up to. There are various links to social media and the cause of eating disorders “But doctors and those who’ve studied the trend caution there are dangers in paying too much attention to health advice from the rich and famous” (Van Dusen 2006). Celebrity dishonesty can be immensely harmful and disregarding these immoral endorsements they promote is key.

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