Fitness vs. Activity Trackers

*Written by: *Emily Goodwin

In creating my podcast about the idea of how wearable fitness tracking devices could be used against you, I wanted to make it appealing to a broader audience. “Fitness” can sound a little intimidating to people who don’t consider themselves “fit”, but are “active”. So, I decided I would use “activity trackers” in my podcast to describe the devices.

After starting my research, though, I quickly realized this probably would not be possible. Typing “activity trackers” into a search engine doesn’t return as many results as “fitness tracker” does. The “fitness tracker” results were also more relevant to what I wanted to discuss.

So, I’m using both interchangeably. “Activity trackers” to sound less scary, and “fitness trackers” to better reflect some of the terminology I was using while conducting my research. Plus, reading “fitness trackers” or “activity trackers” a hundred times will get really boring really quick. Using both will spice things up a little bit.