Influence of Social Media on Romantic Relationship and Friendship

Written By: Sandra Zemingui

While researching information for my podcast episode, on social media’s influence on people, I got curious and wanted to know if social media can affect relationships. I focused my search on romantic relationship and relationships between friends.

According to a study done to determine the relationship satisfaction, relationship satisfaction has a direct correlation with the amount of social media used to communicate with people. The frequency of social media use has no negative effects with relationships. The most preferred way of communicating is through text messaging, followed by face to face conversation. 67% of couples said that they share their social media passwords. 42% of couples have argued over the fact that their partner were too distracted by their phones. Among the married couples 10% have said that social media has had major impact on their relationship.

According to a survey conducted by Amanda Lenhart, most teens in the survey have said that they have made at least one online friend. Boys will tend to make online friends through online gaming, whilst girls will make online friends through social networking sites. 83% of teens feel as though social media creates a stronger connection with friends because it allows them to see pertinent events in their friend’s lives and allows them to have a better understanding of what their friends may be feeling. When going through a stressful period in life, 68% of teens received support through social media.

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