When A Soldier Threatens for Fraud

Written by Don Pasion

Before I went deep into research of "Ethical Research" the first thing that popped into my head was "Oh maybe it's just about morality, about what's right and wrong" but as we all know I was sorely mistaken. Ethical research I found was beyond "Right and Wrong", it's more about what is accepted and unaccepted in societal standards, but is also focused on the individual. The best way I can explain this is an example going back to ancient japan in which the walls in paper thin so they made a "Code of Conduct" where in people were not allowed to eavesdrop on their neighbors' conversation, it was a respect of privacy. Nothing has changed since then and this time there are actually many more "Codes of Conduct" since the birth of technological networks. Much more privacy and respect towards others, especially with research works and there are too many mention in this post with codes such as; respect for intellectual property, Confidentiality, Responsible Publications and Non-Discrimination to name a few. So many research by people have to be respected and open, and I can't quite find a better example than when I Interviewed a classmate of mine as a source for my podcast. At the end of this interview I asked him If I could mention his name and his job in my podcast, long and behold he sounded lke he was going to kill me, "No no no just know that this is all from my experience from the military and my opinion I do not speak on behalf of the CAF, that would be VERY APPRECIATED," this emphasis on his confidentiality still echoes in my head. I realized just how important an individual's property and respect of confidentiality after interviewing this very threatening individual. Bottom Line here is that ethical research has almost nothing to do with morality, and more on what is accepted in the society. Some may argue that what is accepted is based on morality but no. Something can be moral yet illegal and some legal yet immoral they're not necessarily the same. Leaning this helped me in my research, it helped me respect my sources even more and avoid scary conflicts like the one I had previous nights before this post.