Nearly Playing in a Virtual World

It may feel silly to wear one of those bulky black headsets, but it sure looks like a lot of fun.

As graphics cards are able to render higher resolutions and gaming images become clearer, higher levels of video game immersion seek to capture and hold our attention.

Ask any gamer and they’ll tell you, as important as the game play itself is how the game looks.

Although platform games that focus on the two dimensional play will always attract a niche market, big blockbusters like the new Star Wars Battlefront are going to be large money makers.

Games like this rely on immersion to let the player feel as though they really are blasting lasers on the ice planet, Hoth, or winding X-wings around star destroyers.

The next level of immersion seeks to fully absorb players into their games. By blocking out the surrounding world and replacing the entire field of vision with game content.

Virtual reality has been a promise of gaming industry for years, both as a theory and as failed consumer products.

But the advances in recent years have made it a viable alternative to classical monitor based gaming. Given the number of software choices and the fact that “Virtual Reality is one of the biggest advances in gaming ever, given that it removes the barrier between player and game world.” (Hartup)

The technology is not yet perfect and it may take some time for average user to adapt. It will likely be hard core gamers who are the early adopters of this technology.

Virtual reality does offer “an increase in astonishment, amazement and excitement levels,” but a “worrying aspect is the high percentage of persons that report feelings of nausea after wearing the goggles.” (Hupont, Et Al.)

The rest of us will just have sit and wait while the gaming pros spin around the living room, headset firmly attached, fists clenched around their controllers.

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