Abbreviations & Textism


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Along with texting, follows the textism bug. If it hasn’t bitten you as yet, consider yourself lucky!

Textism is interchangeable used with *abbreviations, *which are short and forms of a word or phrase (Abbreviations, Conventional forms of textism include, acronyms, contractions, emoticons, misspelt words, and omitted punctuation. With these non-standard language usages, one can certainly say textism is a developing language on it’s own.

According to the 'Irish Psychologist,' research examining children's text use suggests that children's knowledge and use of textisms had no relation to their scholarly work produced. Proving the stereotypical conceptions of abbreviations wrong, they also found that use of textism positively correlated with reading, vocabulary and phonological awarenesses. Furthermore, this reflects the skill of switching between various language systems. Instead of ruining a language to the brink of it’s deathbed, textism is a productive, and very flexible language system, which will probably soon become one of the national languages of the world.

Written By: Sabrina Rajpaul

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