Recommender Systems - Which One Should You Use?

There are some other specific recommender systems that dating sites and apps use. Tinder, for example, recommends you users based on your common Facebook friends. However, if you do not use Facebook very often or are not a member of the specific social media site the dating service requires you to use, it will utilize either random or mean algorithms, which are not as effective as User-User algorithms for reasons outlined in the podcast . Which dating service you want to use is ultimately your decision, but based on pure raw data there are some recommendations I would make.

The first is that, if you do decide to go the algorithm-based dating service route, avoid Random or Mean apps or sites. This means no Hotornot and no Tinder (unless you have a Facebook account, in which case it is easier to recommend). Try to look for User-User algorithm-based sites, such as If possible, look through the site's information and see if you can find out which algorithm it uses. If it doesn't say, then it's probably best not to waste your time.

The second, broader recommendation I'm going to make is that you should generally go for Survey-based sites over Algorithm-based sites. This is because the sites that use User-User are few and far in between, and even then Survey-based sites such as OKCupid offer a higher level of accessibility and customization as to how you choose your matches. Algorithms are generally impossible to work without advanced knowledge, while the survey system is easy for anyone to grasp, understand and use to their advantage.

This should explain why some sites are preferential to others a bit more!