Statistical Data from YOU (and Wattpad Users)

       To find valuable information for our podcast, Sierra and Farheen distributed two surveys to the people of our class 1004, as well as the users of Wattpad themselves. Here are the results;

*Answers From Fellow Classmates *

[image: Inline images 1]

        To begin, let's discuss our findings from fellow classmates. As show above, we see that out of eight respondents, all of them agreed they enjoy reading (not very surprising for a writing class). What we find interesting upon continuing the analysis of this data is that, though only six students have actually written their own works, seven agreed that they have considered publishing work. Furthermore, upon discovery of Wattpad, those seven respondents appear to consider using the site for their own improvement - whether it be professionally or for leisure. This shows us that Wattpad has the potential for young writers to present their works to the world for improvement as well as the possibility to move forward in their writing career. As presented above, it can be said that Wattpad is considered to provide young writers with the ability to do so, which is a great thing for their own future as well as for publishing companies themselves.

        Now we must look at the very core of Wattpad's existence - it's users.

Answers From Wattpad Users

[image: Inline images 3][image: Inline images 2][image: Inline images 4][image: Inline images 5]

        By surveying six users, we found an interesting array of data. As we have concluded, the majority of users are in fact young writers as presented in the second pie chart. A whopping 67% of users surveyed fell under the category of ages 13-20. Along with this, 67% of respondents also said they see themselves publishing a story in the future. A correlation here is evident, and to further emulate the idea that these young writers are using Wattpad to further their writing careers, we must look at the bottom two charts. NOT ONLY do all 100% of respondents say yes to Wattpad having the potential to change the publishing industry, they also agree that Wattpad is a great way to get involved in the industry.

How about that?