Researching New Technologies

Research in a lot of courses, particularly ones that involve history or English literature, have a goldmine of resources to use for academic purposes. Things like art, science, law and business have information spreading back centuries, with the greatest minds in history performing them. However, due to the nature of this assignment, our research can only stretch back 10 or 20 years at most. Instead of searching for things that we would have to narrow our terms down to the most specific of searches, there would be nowhere near as much scholarly information as there is for more ancient subjects even with the broadest inputs. This posed as somewhat of a challenge in the research stage of this project. It can be difficult to make a research paper on a topic that has an abundant goldmine of information available at the click of a button, but to do one based on a subject that was still young and with comparatively difficult to find scholarly information? That poses a significant challenge indeed.

However, I found that, while it might not be popular or easy to find, there is research on pretty much everything. If there’s anything I’ve learned with this assignment, it’s that academics don’t have much to do besides studying. Every day inquiries are being made, research is being done and papers are being written, all for the purposes of furthering our knowledge of every single subject known to man. Because of this, while there might not be as much research finished on the particular subject of this assignment, there is plenty enough to form an interesting and informative podcast. If there any other sudden technological advancement appears in the next several years, I am certain that scholars will do everything in their power to advance our knowledge of every aspect of it as soon as it appears, because the human hunger for knowledge can never be satiated.