Oculus Rift: Demographics and sales

Realistically, not everyone will be able to rush out and purchase an Oculus Rift when it first hits the shelves. I mean really the topic at hand is virtual reality, and although undeniably interesting, not for everyone. Older people, for example, may at first struggle with this technology. Not only do most of our grandparents or parents come from an era of little to no technology, but for the ones who have there is only a limited knowledge. The basic concepts of a computer or a cellphone, while simplistic to us, are much more trivial to the generation of human beings before us. While this is not troubling enough to fully negate the future sales of the Oculus Rift, it will most definitely play a small part in its opening week sales.

For the generation that will be able to operate this technology, there may be yet another small set back. As mentioned, although it will be a simple process to use, setting it up may prove to be an issue. There are certain computer requirements that one will need, and they are requirements that do not always come with the computer. Many assorted wires and downloads are necessary; even though the Oculus Rift is a mere $300, add-ons could see the price rise to $1500. I’m sure I don’t have to explain how that figure is frightening.

As with most things about the Oculus Rift, only time will be able to tell us where this technology will go.