Feature: Agent of Change

Alexandra Prochshenko profiles Hot Doc's new DocX project and the ethics of virtual reality documentary film. She asks whether these documentaries are more than cyberspace amusement parks for first world audiences. Listen here.

Feature: Criminal Compassion

Courtney Ryckman looks at the case against Anita Krajnc, a Toronto Pig Save activist charged with mischief for giving water to pigs en route to slaughter. She explores the power of bearing witness to animal suffering and the criminalization of compassion for farm animals. Listen here.


Feature: Hitting the Books

Mark grant looks at the changes taking place in Regent Park's Children's Book Bank. Not quite a library, not quite a bookstore, the Book Bank makes books freely available to children without membership cards or late fees, and it's thriving. Listen here.

Feature: Uncomfortable Truth

María Sifone grew up wondering why people stared uncomfortably at her sister's disability. Here, she explores our discomfort with disability and profiles Centennial Infant and Child Centre's Preschool program where typically developing children laugh and learn alongside peers with complex needs. Listen here.

Feature: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Nicole Laverty helps us understand social anxiety and the reasons why the Improv for Anxiety program at Toronto's Second City seems to be so helpful. Listen here.

Feature: Conversational Bandaids

Let's make mental health something we can talk about, says Olivia Quenneville. In this podcast, she calls attention to the work Jack.org is doing to normalize open conversation about mental health in an effort to improve and even save lives. Listen here.