There are many excellent resources for podcasting well. A few of my go-to sources of podcasting advice are:

This American Life's "Make Radio" page

A Showcase and Workshop for New Public Radio at

Power Your Podcast with Storytelling - Alex Blumberg

Out on the Wire - Jessica Abel

Also be sure to check out the many Audacity tutorials available on YouTube! Search YouTube for Audacity tutorials for beginners, and when you've gotten the hang of things, check out videos for enhancing your voice using editing tools. My favourite is:

You don't need any fancy equipment to record a podcast that provides for an enjoyable to listening experience. Your computer's built-in mic and a quiet recording space should be sufficient. Do ensure, however, that your recording input volume is neither too low nor too high. When it's too high, clipping will distort the audio causing the track to sound like it's blaring even when playback volume is low. Look for the input volume slider in your recording software and slide it towards the mid-range.

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